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Maintaining Windshield Wipers

Maintaining Windshield Wipers

Image of dirty windshield wipers.

Windshield wipers are a part of your car that may easily go unkempt. However, this is a key component in creating visibility for your car and must be taken care of accordingly. Regularly cleaning windshield wipers is quick and easy, and can prevent a potentially devastating car accident due to low visibility. The buildup of dirt and debris can do more harm that good for your windshield as well, leaving damage in addition to creating a film of filth that blurs the road in front of you.

Windshield wipers should be cleaned and/or replaced every six months to prevent car damage or a potential car accident due to impaired visibility of the road. If you hear or see streaking, squeaking, or skipping, you should replace your wipers to avoid slowing reaction time while behind the wheel. A few contributing factors to windshield wiper deterioration include sun damage, oil deteriorating rubber, debris, and moisture. Evaluating the rubber sweeper as well as the metal rod will give you a better understanding of how your windshield wipers are holding up. If your squeegee is dry or if your windshield is coated in debris, you will notice streaking along your window. While washer fluid is intended to help with debris on the windshield, an improperly functioning squeegee will not allow the washer fluid to do its job.

Though we are known as the sunshine state, Florida is not unfamiliar with rainstorms and heavy winds, especially along its coasts. Losing visibility due to rainstorms is an extremely risky situation when your windshield wipers do not function properly. Frequent windshield wiper checks are required to avoid dangerous situations and accidents due to low visibility. In the event of a rainstorm, windshield wipers must be in top shape. If they are not, they will not do their job when they’re needed most. Car accidents are known mostly for being due to negligence, so make sure to exercise your due care for the optimal function of your vehicle and you can avoid an accident.

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