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Avoiding Road Rage

Avoiding Road Rage

Road rage is a feeling of deep anger that may come to us from time to time while on the road. The aggravation of dealing with reckless or slow drivers while on the way to work or otherwise may push you off the deep end. Here are some tips to prevent this feeling from interfering with your driving.

Make sure you get enough sleep: Driving drowsy is not only dangerous for yourself and others on the road, but it can also make you much more irritable toward other drivers.

Plan Ahead: Giving yourself enough time to get to where you’re going plays an important factor when trying to get to work on time. This is especially apparent in traffic, or when you seem to be hitting every red light.

Meditate beforehand and focus your breath while driving: Meditation goes a long way in the mornings when you know you will have to deal with other drivers. While driving, focusing on your breath keeps you grounded and aware of your surroundings while also decreasing worries and fears of being late.

These tips should keep your mind at ease when driving somewhere on a time crunch. As always, drive sober, awake and stay alert. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call Scher and Scher Law Group, P.A. to take on your case.



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