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Injuries on Citi Bikes and Electric Scooters

Injuries on Citi Bikes and Electric Scooters

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Bicycle riding and electric scooter riding are both fun and fast-growing modes of travel. They are an easy and fun way to stay fit and healthy while also providing you with the freedom to leisurely roam around a city. This, among other reasons, is why many cities such as Miami and NYC have incorporated Citi Bikes, Bird and Lime (both electric scooter brands) for anyone to rent and ride. While they are a great implementation to help the community, unfortunately, there has been a rise in accident rates since Citi Bikes and electric scooters have come around. 

In Florida, e-scooters do not need to have a title nor does it need to be registered in order to be operated. The only restriction on these bicycles and electric scooters is that you must be 18 years or older to ride, or 16/17 years old with a parent or guardian’s permission. However, accidents on these bicycles and electric scooters range from drivers failing to yield to cruisers/bicyclists, drivers opening their doors causing bicyclists to crash, even potholes or cracks in the road. In any case, there may be several people at fault. If the bicycle or electric scooter was poorly maintained, then the bike-sharing or electric scooter company may be liable. If the bicycle or electric scooter was manufactured poorly, then the manufacturer may be liable. If potholes have caused an accident, the local government may be at fault for not taking care of the roads to the point of becoming a hazard to cyclists, pedestrians, and others. And, of course, drivers who hit bicyclists may be at fault when they cause an accident. But when is it that the rider of the Citi Bike or Bird is at fault in an accident? If a rider is under 16 years of age, riding on the sidewalk, or riding while under the influence, they may be responsible for the damage which results in their carelessness. 

What can you do to prevent an accident from occurring while riding on a Citi Bike or Bird/Lime e-scooter? One very important precautionary step that all riders should take is to wear the proper gear. Secure a helmet to protect your head from a fall as well as wearing knee pads and elbow pads to protect these very important points on the body and to prevent broken bones. 

According to Consumer Reports, roughly 1,500 injuries due to e-scooters have been recorded since late 2017 in the United States. Hospitals have seen nasal fractures, concussions, bilateral forearm fractures, and some injuries that have required surgery. Doctor Oscar Guillamondegui of Vanderbilt University Medical Center estimated that out of 20 injured patients, only 1 was wearing a helmet. 

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